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Heat pumps | There are many reasons to install a heat pump

Heat pumps are the most efficient heating system on the market. A well developed and properly installed heat pump will save on running costs for many years.

What is a heat pump

Heat pumps are heat generators that use a refrigeration circuit to upgrade the low grade heat in ground or air to a temperature useful for space heating and hot water production.

Why install a heat pump.

All you need for a heat pump installation is water and electricity so there is no need for gas lines , oil tanks or flue pipes. Heat pumps use a small amount of electricity in comparison to its heat output as around 75%  of the heat generated is from free renewable energy. A well designed and correctly installed heat pump can produce a year round efficiency of 400%. Approximately 80% of the energy used in a domestic property is for space heating and hot water production. As the best efficiency you will achieve with a fossil fuel boiler is about 90% you can see the potential savings and as well as this you achieve a massive reduction in CO2 emissions.

What type of heat pump is available

The main type of heat pumps are ground source heat pumps , these are sometimes referred to as geothermal heat pumps , and air source heat pumps, sometimes referred to as air to water heat pumps. You can get a full explanation on how both these type of heat pumps work by clicking on the pictures at the bottom of the page.

Are there grants available for a heat pump installation.

Yes DETI have introduced grant for heat pumps in Northern Ireland and providing some conditions are met. There is an initial grant off £3500 for installation of a ground source heat pump or £1700 for installation of an air source heat pump. On top of this you will also be also be eligible for RHI paybacks when they are adapted by the Northern Ireland assembly in line with the rest of the United Kingdom.

All the heat pumps we supply and install are approved for the grant and all systems and payments are protected by the Real Assurance scheme. Quotations are free and very competitive and without obligation just fill in the form- Heat pump quote

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Who can get the heat pump installation grant

The grant is available to the owner of any dwelling that is occupied for the majority of the year , or the occupier with the owner’s permission. The grant is for replacement of a fossil fuel boiler and the dwelling should have cavity wall insulation and at least 250mm insulation in the loft. Holiday homes are exempt.  

While the grant is aimed at replacing existing fossil fuel systems with renewable energy systems it is also available for new builds but can’t be applied for until the house is occupied.

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